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All You Need To Know About Digital Marketing Services

Hello there, welcome another informative video from Afrylance I’m Dozie, and today I’ll be taking you on Marketing Services, what they are, how they can help you as a business, and how to get started using a marketing service close to you. Alright, before we get started I would like for you to like, share,… Read More »

How To Use Article Marketing For Google SEO Ranking

How To Use Article Marketing For Google SEO Ranking – How you can leverage on article marketing to get on the front page of Google. – The exact process to hand pick articles from EzineArticles.com for ranking in Google. – How you can pass the link juice to boost the SEO effect for the pages… Read More »

How Stephen started Freelancing – From Web Development to Graphic design – SEO – PPC marketing

Hey everyone Nathan here with Freeeup.com talking with Stephen a freelancer on the platform Stephen how you doing today I’m good you nice doing great so what today is all about you why don’t you start off by telling us your background where you come from how you got into freelancing and we’ll start off… Read More »

Introduction to SEO – Benjamin Beck

Hey everyone this is Trevor Erikson with Stukent and we are excited to do another Stukent Expert Session especially since we have Benjamin Beck with us. He is going to be talking about an introduction to search engine optimization. Ben and I had a chance to go over his slides the other day and you… Read More »

Getting It Right With Keyword Research – Perrin Carrell

Alright everyone thanks for tuning into another Stukent Expert Session. We are here with Perrin Carrell who has been on my radar for a few months now. Just to give you a little background I have been a follower and listener to Perrin Carrell and Spencer Hozes website called nichepursuits and then are pumping out… Read More »

Google Analytics In Real Life – Landing Page Optimization

MALE SPEAKER: (WHISPERING) Olives. [BELL RINGS] [INDISTINCT FEMALE VOICE ON LOUDSPEAKER] FEMALE SPEAKER: People who’ve bought olives also bought chardonnay. MALE SPEAKER: Oh. All right. [LAUGHS] MALE SPEAKER: 78% of people who viewed chardonnay also bought “What To Do When He’s Not That Into You.” MALE SPEAKER: Mm. Well, I’m just wanting to get some… Read More »

How to Grow Your Brand With Influencer Marketing – Dave Schneider

hello everyone welcome to another student expert session my name is Trevor Erickson and I’m excited to introduce Dave Snider our expert in the field today dave is the co-founder of a pretty awesome influencer marketing tool called ninja outreach I actually stumbled across ninja outreach last year and fell in love with the platform… Read More »

SEO Secrets: The “Topical Depth” Google Ranking Factor

I am going to talk about topical relevancy and its importance in SEO. Now many a times, that you will find yourself trying to optimize for certain article, optimize certain articles on your blog. And you might not really rank well because there are many people who are very specialized in that area or that… Read More »