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On Page SEO – Learn What You Need to Rank on Google

Hi everyone, and welcome to another episode of ASKyH! I’m Daniel, and today I will guide you through on-page SEO. In the words of the old profit Ri of Hanna, “Sticks and stones might break my bones but keywords will excite me.” And get me ranked on Google. The reason keywords are so important is… Read More »

Site Traffic Demystified: A Step by Step Plan to Get Your Site to 100K Visits

– In this clip we are going to talk about a step by step plan to break over 100,000 visits to your website. But before we do, don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe. Wherever you are, if you’re watching on video, if you’re listening on podcast, if you like things around marketing and around business… Read More »

marketing strategies 101, online marketing strategy basics, and best practices

do you have a strategy a strategy that explains what you are trying to accomplish how it’s going to be accomplished and how you measure success if not then you’ve got a problem a strategy is not having a Facebook strategy or Instagram strategy those are channels now what you do on Facebook such as… Read More »

Search Engine Optimization Experts | Greenville SC

– [Narrator] So you want to promote your business online and turn your website into a cash generating machine. But now, you have the annoying task of deciphering the Internet marketing, all on your own. You have to figure out social media, SEO, PPC, PPM, CPM, CPA, I mean, that’s just way too much information.… Read More »

Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Business (… My TOP 20 Tips & Tricks)

– If you’ve got a small business to run, then you know the importance of choosing your digital marketing strategy wisely. After all, the right digital marketing strategy can either make or break your marketing efforts. So in this episode, we’re covering 20, yes 20 of my top digital marketing strategies for you to pick… Read More »

The Only Rule In Marketing You Have To Follow (Ignore This And Your Marketing Won’t Work)

– Have you heard the saying, that rules are meant to be broken? Well there’s one rule in marketing that won’t change, and it’ll continue to work. And if you break it, you won’t do well. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to break down, the only rule in marketing that you… Read More »

Organic VS Paid Marketing Search Strategies The Pros and Cons | Neil Patel

Some people say you have to do SEO. Some people say you have to do paid advertising. Which one is better? You know what, not only am I gonna go over that today, but the answer is not what you’re gonna expect. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to go over paid… Read More »