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In The Cave #41: SEO Strategies For Small Businesses

– Today, we’re talking about how LO…cal businesses can beat big businesses at SEO. – Oh my god, that was good! AH HA! – Hey guys, welcome to an episode of In The Cave. That’s the show we’re on, I’m Jordan Scheltgen. – I’m Justin Kerby. – And today, we are talking to you about… Read More »

The 7x Types Of Keywords To Increase Search Traffic

There are 7x types of keywords that you can use to grow your search traffic strategically and each one of them comes with their own pro’s and cons. But it’s important that you pick the right types of keywords to focus on or you are going to loose a bunch of time and money, so… Read More »

Plumber Marketing Strategy – HVAC & Plumbing Companies- Why A Website Is Not A Marketing Strategy

Attention local business owners who are also plumbers are you getting dozens of phone calls to your plumbing business each and every day well if not stay tuned because we’re gonna discover how plumbers are locking down high-paying customers each and every month by ignoring their website and ignoring SEO hi my name is James… Read More »

OTT (Over the Top) Marketing – Abby Burdette

thank you Eric for the introduction because this is really helpful he’s gone over a lot of kind of the behind the scenes of what who teach he is and then I’m really gonna go into more of the why and how it applies to us as marketers right so Eric has already done a… Read More »

Vortex Marketing Minute: Introduction to Google Analytics, SEO and Digital Marketing

Hi, this is Tessa Merkel, digital marketer at Vortex Business Solutions We’re a full-service web design, SEO, and digital marketing firm. Tune in to our marketing minute video series on Google Analytics, where we’ll explore the tool and share tips on how to best utilize analytics for your business