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The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving

– [Woman] Sir, have you had anything to drink today? – Nothing. – [Everybody] Eugene. – Wait a second, that’s beer. – [Woman] Sir, sir I definitely think you’re inebriated. – Am I under arrest? – You’re free to drive. – Drive, drive drive, let’s go. – [Everybody] Whoa! – Ned, Ned, Ned! – In… Read More »

Slow Rollin’ Home, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

OFFICER: Got this vehicle, which the registration is coming back expired almost a year ago. It’s also got a busted tail light. So I’m going to conduct a traffic stop on it. [ENGINE REVS, SIRENS WAILING] 133. [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Yeah. We’re going 20 miles an hour. He’s not stopping and we’re northbound on University.… Read More »