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Welcome to Google Cloud Platform – the Essentials of GCP (Google Cloud Platform Essentials)

Traffic Engineering Overview – Georgia Tech – Software Defined Networking

As it turns out, the internets design is actually fundamentally insecure. Many explicit design choices have caused the internet to be vulnerable to different types of attacks. The internet was designed for simplicity, and as a result security was not a primary consideration when the internet was originally designed. Another aspect of the internet’s design… Read More »

How to setup your pfsense for voice IP / Setup traffic shape with pfsense

in this video I will show you how to setup your pfsense for voice ip to prevent loss of quality will setup a traffic shaping for it information about my network I have 30 megabits download and 10 megabits for upload you can go to this website to check your speedtest go to firewall click… Read More »

How to Quickly Get Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Hello there, I’m Matt Forney, and I want to talk a bit about how to get readers to your blog or website, the fastest way to do so, the easiest way to do so. There’s going to be none of this bullshit involving search engine optimization or linkbacks or whatever crappy buzzword that the Tim… Read More »

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