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LinkedIn Tips from Joe Apfelbaum

the first thing you want to do is you wanna make sure that you have a profile on LinkedIn first name last name company name and you write a description in the summary of what you do remember to include the keywords that are relevant to your industry so once someone is searching for you… Read More »

How to purchase a Brand New Domain Name for website 2018

How to purchase a Brand New Domain Name for website 2018 So yeah I’m purchasing for domain previous class so my domain name is called abc.com So you already purchase for your domain So how to start my domain is called light so my purchase for Google.com is my domain when a purchase was T.… Read More »

Youtube SEO – Include Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

Include Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone), Part I Include your business name, address and phone number in the frames near the end of the video (and perhaps your website URL as well). Text within videos can be “read” out of the data by Google’s interpretation algorithms, based on the application of optical character recognition. For… Read More »

How to Buy a Domain | Squarespace Tutorial (ft. Jade Fox)

What is going on everybody, my name is Jade Fox. I am a content creator and comedian out here in L.A. And as you guys have seen in this video here, I’m embarking on my next chapter on my career path. I recently changed my name from Foxy Hot Mess to Jade Fox because your… Read More »