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“What is mandatory to have on my iOS dev blog, website, or channel?”

Caio: Next question, “what is mandatory to have…” “on my iOS dev website, blog or channel?” Number one, amazing content, of course. Your contact details, so other developers or companies can talk to you. So, your email address should be there… your social media links. Maybe even a phone number if that makes sense to… Read More »

Cat Clicker HTML and Bindings – JavaScript Design Patterns

Let’s keep working together and wire up the view. Now previously, when we were doing model view octopus, the octopus was grabbing on to these elements by their ids and then updating them whenever view.render got called. Now, Knockout doesn’t actually need these elements to have ids. It just need us to put data bindings… Read More »

hướng dẫn Kiểm tra tốc độ load trang web mvc | seo onpage | VIV

Chào mừng các bạn đến với kênh tin học của mình. Nếu thấy hay thì like và sub kenh mình nhé