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Justin & Hailey – Justin Bieber: Seasons

( song playing on speakers )♪ Tell me the truth ♪♪ Tell me in truth… ♪( song continues )No. What does this look like, a playground? Does this look like a playground to you? This is a studio workplace and you’re disrupting me. That is not cool. With your– with that outfit on. If I… Read More »

Bieber Is Back – Justin Bieber: Seasons

Ryan: And now, with very accurate drum position, the multitime, thousands upon thousands of times award winner and one of the greatest musicians and overall human beings in the history of the world… your friend, my friend, Hailey’s wife, Justin… oh I said Hailey’s, Hailey’s wife, I said. I’ve got to say… Justin: It was… Read More »

Justin Bieber: Seasons | Official Trailer Ft. Yummy | YouTube Originals

CREW: Speed. PRODUCER: You want to start by talking about the last four years? JUSTIN: Wow. BBC ANCHOR: Justin Bieber says he is cancelling the rest of his world tour. KEVAN KENNY: As for why Justin cancelled the tour, he spoke to maintaining a healthy mind, heart, and soul. ALLISON: Performing is the thing that… Read More »

How To Make 2-Ingredient Pizza With Ben Feldman, Ryan Michelle Bathé, Danny Seo And Kelly

– And speaking of visions, last year I had a vision for a rooftop garden at my studio, in fact we named our raised beds after one of my very first guests who also shares my passion for gardening Mrs. Jennifer Garner. The garden has taken. One clap. It’s good, I love her too, it’s… Read More »

Google Talk – SNL