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Multilingual SEO training by Yoast Academy

Do you need a website in more than one language? Or are you maintaining websites in different languages? Then a good multilingual SEO strategy is a must. A good multilingual site implementation makes sure that your visitors reach the page that suites them best. Written in their language, with the words they would use. The… Read More »

How to Better Serve Your LEP Audience by Meeting the Federal Requirements

hello and thanks for joining us for today’s events today’s event is hosted by the multilingual community of practice my name is Lorene leg leg Aaron and I’m an attorney with a federal coordination and compliance section of the Civil Rights Division within the Department of Justice our office investigates race color and national origin… Read More »

Learn How to Do Multilingual SEO Using Yoast and WPML

The Yoast SEO plugin is a great tool that allows you to control and tweak the SEO attributes of your site and add essential SEO information to your pages. In this video, you will learn how to translate Yoast SEO textual attributes using WPML. You need to have the Yoast SEO plugin activated along with… Read More »