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How to Access your Router from Outside Network

Hi there, this is mrinal once again And in today’s video I will show you How to access your home router from another network So let’s get started — Ok, so let’s assume That I’m out of town Sitting in nice coffee shop And for some reason I want to access my home router. So… Read More »

How to Create a WordPress Website From Scratch in 10 Minutes

Five years back, When I was looking for, how I to create a websites. Then I got into this online world, started a blog and get into YouTube etc. And today, I’m myself making a video on how to create a websites. — INTRO —- Hi, there this is mrinal once again And in today’s… Read More »

5 Cool Inspect Element Tips

Hi there, This is mrinal once again And today were are going to inspect the browser With inspect element option But first, What exactly is Inspect Element? And well, Consider any web page. On the surface All we see is bunch of text with images and videos. Right? But, underneath that They are made up… Read More »