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Seo Dae Yeong & Yoon Myeong Ju ► All Alone

How long will you run from me? How much longer will you avoid me? When can we talk to each other without the distinction of rank between us? Sergeant Major Seo Dae Yeong. I had a change of heart. I don’t believe you. The is all. Myeong Ju.. …thinks my transfer order was unreasonable. What… Read More »

[CC/FULL] Good Things Get Better EP09 (3/3) | 낭만닥터김사부

I’ve handed my report over to Dr. Yoon myself. Fortunately, I was able to hear the answer that I wanted to hear from her. I almost did something quite immoral as a doctor. Is Hyun-ji doing well? You still remember my child’s name? Hey, of course I do. She was the youngest patient that I’d… Read More »

[CC/FULL] Good Things Get Better EP01 (3/3) | 낭만닥터김사부

It’s okay. It’s okay! You saved him. That’s all that matters. You did the right thing. You did the right thing, Yoon Seo-jung. What is it? I’m sorry. This is all because of me. It’s due to my own shortcomings. I was a mess when I had to step up and I acknowledge that I… Read More »