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Galaxy Note10: Official Introduction

Note has always been the phone for people looking to get the most out of a phone. Today, we’re taking Note further. Say hi to Galaxy Note10 and 10+. S Pen turns writing to text, lets you share thoughts instantly and with Bluetooth, becomes your remote control. Inside Note10, S Pen continuously charges, and with… Read More »

What Is A Single Page Application?

Everybody, I’m Dave Hecker and today we’re going to talk about a term that we are are hearing all the time these days, and a lot of clients are asking about. It’s the single page application. We’ll talk about what it is, and how it’s going to affect you and your project. Okay to start,… Read More »

VIXX Ken X Nine Muses Kyungri. So hot! New couple from the shooting spot! [Oh my God TIP!]

The famous ‘concept-idol’ group in Korea, VIXX “Hello everyone~ I’m the cute main vocalist of VIXX, Ken!” “We worked together in a program while ago, and people said we had a good chemistry.” “We were asked so many times if we were dating back then, too.” “He treated me really well, like a brother.” “My… Read More »

VIXX KEN X 9Muses Kyungri K-pop idols’ tip for Korean bath ‘Body scrubbing’ [OhMyGodTip11]

Hello! I’m ‘the cute and sexy’, Kyungri! I’m the sweetest Ken-moong! Our dating is mostly like.. going to a movie, eating something or having some tea.. We go see a movie, have a tea and eat together. A date with Ken-moong is fun, but sometimes I need something different. Isn’t there anything new to do… Read More »

How advertise your mobile Apps on your facebook 2018

How advertise your mobile Apps on your facebook 2018 So discuss about how to raise your mobile apps using your Facebook app on any Facebook promotion will be called we discuss about the one is value of groups with time then prints timeline your private message Facebook became you the Indian but up advertisement on… Read More »

Google I/O 2011: Use Page Speed to Optimize Your Web Site For Mobile

McQuade: Thanks, everyone, for coming. How was your first day at I/O? [cheers and applause] Awesome. We’ve got one more talk for you. I’m Bryan McQuade. Song: I’m Libo Song. McQuade: And we’ll be talking about using Page Speed to optimize your Website for mobile. So, feedback link, hashtags. So, we’ll start with a little… Read More »