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Deploy a bot to your website with Azure Cognitive Services and QnA Maker | Azure Developer Streams

(music) (music)>>Hello and welcome to Lux News. Today in the news. Today on Stream I should say, we will be doing a Microsoft Azure sponsored segment where we will go over learning about creating bot, we’ll go over the bots again and we will learn to deploy them onto a website so that you can… Read More »

How to Use the Microsoft Translator Edge Extension

With the Microsoft Translator extension, you can now translate webpages from over 50 different languages to your language of choice with the simple click of a button making web content from around the world even more accessible to you on Microsoft Edge! First, go to a website written in a Microsoft Translator supported language. For… Read More »

Self Service AI in Power BI Desktop | Community Webinar

>>Hi all. Good morning or good evening, depending on where you’re located. Thank you for joining our Power BI webinar, and my name is Deepak Shankar. I’m a community manager within the Microsoft Business Application group. Today, we have Markus, an MVP with with us, who will walk through the new Power BI features and… Read More »

Android 11 developer preview first look

– Android 11 is here. It’s the next version of Android. and Google’s releasing a super early preview of it for developers this year. Now, the changes here are really developer facing, there’s not a lot of stuff you’re gonna see if you’re a user. But Google’s making some big promises. We’ve got support for… Read More »

Can these smart glasses do what Google couldn’t?

I have big news, everyone: I got new glasses. Do you like them? Great, thank you. The neat thing is that these are actually smart glasses, and they have a tiny little laser that’s in here that allows me to check my notifications, check the weather, talk to Alexa, get walking directions, and even call… Read More »

Pixelbook Go hands-on: Google’s cheapest Chromebook yet

– Yep, Google’s doing it. They’re making another Pixelbook. This is the Pixelbook Go, and it’s Google’s first attempt to make a Chromebook that doesn’t cost, like, $1,000. The Pixelbook Go starts at $650, which is a little bit more expensive than other Chromebooks, but it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Maybe just,… Read More »

Web Development from the Ground Up for Beginners (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python) – 01: Introduction

Hello and welcome to my web development tutorial! This tutorial is designed for complete beginners to be able to create a web app from scratch with the currently existing web technologies. This course will include two parts: the first one is for client side, the thing that shows up in your browser such as buttons,… Read More »

Google and YouTube moderators speak out

(dramatic music) – Part of the job description was, “You will be part of a team “that protects free speech online,” which makes it seem very heroic. It felt like you were putting on a cape working at Google. – Over the past year, I’ve been reporting on the lives of Facebook’s content moderators in… Read More »

How to adjust your screen browser size

This video will show you howto adjust the size of your browser windowif you accidentally move it off the screenor make it too big or small on a Windows computer.We’ll show you how to restore your browserby clicking on the browser window,how to restore it using shortcutsand how to change the viewing size in your… Read More »