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joggle learning of seo onsite meta tags tips video || Word-Press tutorials 2th17

joggle learning of seo meta tags tips video

Ask Yoast: Yoast SEO meta descriptions and excerpts

Renee Lodens emails us asking, “Is there a way to bulk copy the Yoast SEO meta descriptions to the excerpt field?” Also, is this considered duplicate content? Well, let’s start with the first thing. It’s probably easier to do it the other way around. If you put the description that you want in the excerpt… Read More »

Enrich Search Results with JSON-LD Markup through Google Tag Manager

– [Voiceover] In this video I’m going to show you how you can enrich your Google.com search results by injecting JSON-LD markup onto your pages. We do all this with the help of Google Tag Manager. All the more coming up, so let’s dive in. (upbeat music) Hi there and welcome to another video of… Read More »

How to Add Titles and Meta Descriptions with the wordpress SEO Plugin 2018

How to Add Titles and Meta Descriptions with the wordpress SEO Plugin 2018

SEOPress, freemium WordPress SEO Plugin

Gérer vos titres Construisez votre Sitemap XML personnalisé Soyez social ! Suivez vos visiteurs avec Google Analytics Améliorer le SEO de WooCommerce Ajouter un fil d’ariane à votre thème Analyser votre site avec Google Page Speed Éditer votre fichier robots.txt Créer un Sitemap Google News Surveiller vos erreurs 404 Éditer votre fichier htaccess Créer des… Read More »

Schema.org Guide – What Does It Mean for SEO?

Hi, I’m Mike Essex, the Online Marketing Manager here at Koozai. Today I’m going to talk to you about Schema.org and what that means for websites. Now today’s video came from a question that Richard Shove asked at OMD, which is, “What is Schema, and how can it help?”. Schema is a set of codes… Read More »

Should You Spend Time on Meta Tags?

Any time you do a Google search for any keyword or phrase, what do you see? Well, of course, you see a listings page, but that blue link at the top is a title. The sentence below that is a description. Those are title tags. Hi, everyone. I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m gonna break… Read More »