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3 SEO Tips for Beginners – Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

For everyone out there starting on SEO for your website, or getting into a career in SEO, here’s three powerful tips, three beginners tips and a tutorial on getting your SEO journey started. Hey guys, my name is Jared Vandermeer and I make digital marketing tip and SEO videos right here on YouTube. I’m gonna… Read More »

Generating meta description with BERT | a video tutorial on AI-Powered SEO by WordLift

hello everyone you’re here to learn how to write Meta Description using BERT and my name is Andrew Volpini I am CEO and co-founder of WordLift and we will go step by step and see how to automate the process of generating Meta Description so we will start by crawling the website and we can… Read More »

Hvilke parametre giver bedre placeringer på Google? Lær 6 vigtige SEO-parametre på ét minut

Meta Tags Analyzer: Website Metadata Optimization Tool

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9 Methods How to Write Meta Tags (Title & Description) for Higher CTR in 2019

Having the correct meta information is crucially important for your website, YouTube videos or Facebook publications, because users read this before deciding to click. But It’s not only important for users, it’s important for Google as well. In the first episode of SEO Mythbusting, Martin Splitt, WebMaster Trends Analyst at Google, gave three invaluable tips… Read More »