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National Weather Service Web page changes: Marine forecasts & low-bandwidth options

Hello again from National Weather Service Anchorage and welcome to the second YouTube video showing our new webpages. I’m Louise Fode, and today I’ll show you how to access low bandwidth forecasts – including your marine forecast. Last time, we accessed the forecast using the map on the front page. Today we’ll use the drop… Read More »

Peeing Off a Boat is OK? Or Should We Learn How to Use a Marine Head? Patrick Childress Sailing #51

if you’re ever offshore and you fall overboard lesson number one is the first thing you do is zip up your fly that way your friends won’t laugh at you at your funeral HI Im Patrick Childress, and we will get back with Hank Smith in just a few minutes I wanted to tell you… Read More »

Galiano Island:WETT Inspection & Chimney Cleaning | Flue Guru

So here we are at Montague Harbour, government dock, and it’s where we meet our water taxi. What a beautiful day here. Now we’re going to Wise Island, Last year, or last week, we were just across here. I’m not sure what island that’s called, but that could be Wise Island as well. We’ll find… Read More »