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Introducing Google Tulip

Hello, nice to meet you. The Netherlands produce about 50% of all flowers in the world. The most famous one of all? The tulip of course. Flowers are really remarkable organisms. We’ve know for decades that they can actually communicate to each other through their root system. For the past 2 years, Wageningen University has… Read More »

You Ask, I Answer: Do Keywords Still Matter in an AI SEO World?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode, Shane asks, with the changes that Goo le is made to its algorithm. Is there st ll any validity to having a list of eywords and tracking how they are rank ng? Do keyword still have a place in the SEO process? This is good question because a lot of… Read More »

Coding Challenge #147: Chrome Dinosaur Game (with Speech Commands machine learning model!)

(upbeat piano music) – Ah! Okay, hello and welcome to a coding challenge, Google Chrome dinosaur game edition. Unfortunately I don’t have my train whistle. I didn’t bring it with me today, so this is definitely not gonna go well. Not that any of my coding challenges ever go well, but I’m gonna give this… Read More »

You Ask, I Answer: Dealing With Google SEO Algorithm Change?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode, Carolyn asks a major update to Google’s core algorithm just came out and our site is down 30% for organic traffic overnight. How do you deal with situations like this? So Google’s algorithm updates happen all the time, because of the nature of the fact that it’s a deep learning… Read More »

Love, art and stories: decoded | The Age of A.I.

[turns off engine] Here’s one: are there certain qualities that are untouchable for AI, or at some point, might it be able to emulate everything? Even the stuff that we consider to be distinctly human, like instinct. Getting here on time took some of that, right? Or creativity, actual emotion, making a connection. We’re gonna… Read More »

Generating meta description with BERT | a video tutorial on AI-Powered SEO by WordLift

hello everyone you’re here to learn how to write Meta Description using BERT and my name is Andrew Volpini I am CEO and co-founder of WordLift and we will go step by step and see how to automate the process of generating Meta Description so we will start by crawling the website and we can… Read More »

TensorFlow: Open source machine learning

♪♪♪ Deep learning is this branch of machine learning loosely inspired by how the brain works. We have had experience building software for deep learning over the last few years. Although it was initially a research project, we’ve since collaborated with about 50 different teams at Google and deployed these systems in real products across… Read More »

Read It with the Google Assistant: Listen to web pages

“Hey Google, read it”. “Okay. Today we’re announcing Read It – a new experience on Android that allows people to listen to web articles with the help of Google Assistant. It’ll be available on Android phones later this year on versions 5 and above.” We are constantly looking to ways in which we can use… Read More »

You Ask, I Answer: The Difference Between SEO and Content Marketing?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode a soft asks, Do you look at content marketing differently than a regular content marketing? Should all content be SEO oriented content? When would you make the distinction? That’s a good question. Today in today’s modern SEO environment with the way search engines use artificial intelligence and machine learning, there… Read More »

Ray Kurzweil: “How to Create a Mind” | Talks at Google

BORIS DEBIC: Welcome, everyone, to yet another [email protected] talk. It is my distinct privilege today to host Dr. Ray Kurzweil, and my good friend here, Peter Norvig, from our Artificial Intelligence group, former director of research at Google. So just to give you a little bit of context why I am hosting this talk. When… Read More »