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CHANGING TO ALGORITHMS | Healthcare SEO Part 1 | Wagada

DEE: So, yeah, definitely, I’d say so. So last year, in August, Google released what they call a broad algorithm update that later became known as the medic update which affected what we call ‘your money, your life’ websites. So, that’s something that affects somebody’s health, well-being, happiness, financially so that can be anything from… Read More »

Benny testimonial after attending our SEO training

Hi, I’m Benny. I just attended Alan’s course. I’m doing photography business. I came here so that I can outrank my competitors and be page 1 rank 1. So far just completed the course. I feel that Alan’s course is very informative, very engaging, a lot of hands-on work and I learnt a lot. I… Read More »

SEO and Visibility Audit | Action Steps for 1st page Google Rank

let me talk to you for a second Did you guys know that we ugh we market globally, right here from Baytown, Tx? Yup. That’s true. we do we do a lot of marketing,m we reach a lot of folks we specialize in local marketing the best way to get started is ti get an… Read More »