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외모지상주의는 아이돌 탓일까?

Nothing. You have. / Ah Naruto??? I’m procrastinating ‘cuz I have exams tho.

러시아, 캐나다, 한국의 시골 사람 배틀 (누가누가 더 끔찍한가?)

What are you gonna do? He’s calling Mickey. Art, please stand here. It says ‘No Penis’. Art! Let’s take a picture here! It’s like a competition for ‘who has the most horrible life?’ I think I won when it comes to temperature gap at least. The gap throughout the year. You happy ‘cuz you won?… Read More »

유럽에서 한국학을 전공한 친구들

It’s 8 am. Before I go out, I was editing this video you’re watching now. This is what I was told ever since I was a kid. “Never harm anyone else.” “You can never do that.” Since my kindergarten teacher and parents have told me that, it made me a habit of not doing things… Read More »

담배 vs 대마초, 미국인이 생각하는 나쁜 마약

This is an article from Forbes. These on the graph are the kinds of drugs. The horizontal axis shows the physical harm. It’s more harmful as it goes to the right. And the vertical axis shows how dependent it is. So heroin, here, means the most harmful and dependent at the same time. Unlike what… Read More »

Should BTS Serve In The Korean Army? | ASIAN BOSS

한 달 전부터 갖고 싶다던거 선물하기

Let me explain what this is. It’s a camera bag from a brand called ‘ABITIONEM’. They told me through an email that they wanted to give it to me as a present. But then, at the moment, Art was saying he wanted a camera bag really bad. So for the brand, for me, and also… Read More »

안네의 베프를 만나다

This is a Korean culture too. Being humble. Being humble. It’s hard to pronounce. Dami won the 1st prize in the Korean test. Don’t say such thing! Are you announcing that to the subscribers? No no… I’m talking to Anne for the first time in Korean. It was really awkward at the beginning, but after… Read More »

taking myself on a date in seoul VLOG

again we be sweetheart [Music] hi guys so today I’m going to be doing a couple interesting things that I wanted to take you guys along one of which the reason why I’m talking kind of quietly is because I’m in a library of sorts and I’m at the amore Pacific Museum and I actually… Read More »

서양인 메이크업 청담동 스타일로 고치기

Mandy is a British university student who wants to settle down in Korea. She’s interested in styling & appearance, and she also wants to try modeling experience in Korea. Because Mandy has helped my videos so much, this time I wanted to get something that’ll help Mandy to live in Korea. So I sent Mandy’s… Read More »