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How Lil Nas X Took ‘Old Town Road’ From TikTok Meme to No. 1 | Diary of a Song

“Hey. What’s going on?” “Everything’s going on.” “Everything is going on. Mr. Cyrus, how are you?” “I’m doing good, Joe. How you doing?” “Yo, what’s up?” “I like your robe.” “Thanks.” “Yeah, I always make beats in this.” “Play the number one song in the world.” “O.K. Let’s hear ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas… Read More »

[#AllTimePick] (ENG/SPA/IND) Eric ♥ Seo Hyun Jin When a Woman Likes a Man | #AnotherMissOh | #Diggle

Bastard What a loser I’m never calling him I’ll die first before I call him! [Bongsin’s CreatorPick] [What Girls Do When They Like Someone] It’s over if he doesn’t call me today! It’s really over! (…is what she says) (Startled) (Apparently, she’s been waiting a while) (But the disappointment is bigger if it’s not like… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#Youn’sKitchen2] Harrison Ford Look-alike Park Seo Jun | #Official_Cut | #Diggle

[Youn’s Kitchen Official Cut] (“You look like Harrison Ford”) [Seo Jun] This is a canyon It’ll be great to ride a motorcycle here Wow (Clouds look like cotton candy) (Go down the road) (There are people who are on bicycles) Oh They’re seniors Amazing It looks beautiful but it must be tough (Being in awe)… Read More »

Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.17 Part. 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.11.12]

(Are you ready to fall in love today?) Live by your taste. – Matching Survival 1 Plus 1. / – 1 Plus 1. I’ve been waiting for this day. What day is it today? It’s my payback time. Heechul is a participant today. (Heechul has been wanting to be a participant) (I want to be… Read More »

AleXa (알렉사) – “Bomb” Official MV

Knock knock start I can’t wait anymore Bu-button push I can’t tell anymore D-do same action Can’t change anymore Cut it out blind I can’t take anymore First time feeling texture, different nature gesture Blow Smoldering flames, frozen gaze Glow You’ll probably be surprised You’ll get burned if you lay down your heart Since I’m… Read More »

WHAT IS DENTAL SEO? | Dental SEO Part 1 | Wagada

DAN: search engine optimization is really key for dental practices in terms of their online presence I mean fundamentally it’s there to increase their practice revenue you know it’s all about ROI it’s about what is that end goal, and what is it that we’re looking to achieve and with regards to how consumers are… Read More »

(ENG/SPA) Try Not To Fall In Love with Park Seo Joon | #TNTChallenge | #Diggle

[TNT Challenge] (Starts off with a sweet but normal kiss on the hand) (Kiss…♥) (Bright sound) (Smooth back hug) (Tough-guy wrist grab) Where is she going? She was watching me sleep (The amazing skill of a vice-chairman) (Feels like my heart’s melting) What? Shouldn’t you be able to put up with this You’re the one… Read More »

[MV] JEON SOYEON(전소연) _ Jelly

I bounce my body step by step I close my eyes and dance like the flow of waves I feel like flying into the universe I keep humming, lululu Like a white child I feel like I’m at an amusement park As if I’m on the Viking boat up in the air I raise my… Read More »

Coffee Talk with Kate & Caitlin: Episode 1 – Mood Boards

One of Kate’s greatest strengths here is really getting to the heart of someone’s business and why they do what they do and somehow making that visual I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about that and what your process is Because form my point of view You have this in-depth conversation… Read More »