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SEO Trick – How this company is able to rank #1 on Google

hey this is Victor I hope you’re doing well okay so it is early in the morning here and I was going to shoot a quick video and one of my favorite things to do as a business owner is kind of spy around and look at other people’s websites and find out kind of… Read More »

What is a Domain Name? – Websites 101

okay so you want to build a website but you have to choose a domain name what are you gonna call your website or your online presence but what even is a domain name right so in this video I’m going to take it back to the basics and we’re gonna talk about what is… Read More »

Purplesoft Digital Marketing & SEO Agency Review – Mystic beauty clinic Melbourne

hi I’m Gina from mystic beauty and laser clinic I’m the founder and creator of this company we have been operating for over 22 years now so when I was looking for a marketing company I’ve got in touch with purplesoft and they turned out to be everything I was looking for they’ve really helped… Read More »