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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin or Google #1: Breaking Babies

Burnie: (singing) Gavin or Google, Google or Gavin, Which one said it? Let’s find out, hey! Gavin: I’m feelin’ lucky! Burnie: The first phrase that I gave to both Gavin and Google is… “Can you break…” Burnie: First return… (Barbara laughs) “Can you break your own neck if you really wanted to?” The other’s return:… Read More »

Coldplay: Viva La Vida – Live At The Citadel (Fan poll choice)

[ music playing ] Let’s go. Ok, right side of the crowd please. Let’s go. [ crowd singing ]

How to access blocked sites on Android Phone with easy

How to access blocked sites on Android Phone with easy Let’s try open Reddit.com (blocked in my country) Sorry you can’t 🙁 Now we go to Google Play Store Install SuperVPN app Open SuperVPN Tap Continue Tap Connect Let’s try open Reddit again DONE How to access blocked sites on Android Phone with easy

Web Data Entry Automation. CSV to Salesforce – UiPath Studio

How to Import Salesforce contacts from a CSV file using UiPath Studio In this example, we will create a workflow that will automatically upload contacts from a CSV file into your Salesforce account. Lets say, you have already have a Salesforce account and you want to import contacts. I will using the most common standard… Read More »

Automate Web Data Extraction – UiPath Studio

Web scraping is a very tedious task for most website owners and developers. Today let’s learn how to use UiPath in extracting information from a website. Let’s take eBay for example. What I have on my screen is a filtered search result in Amazon’s Kindle. So what we’re going to do is to create an… Read More »

Securing traffic between pods using policies in Azure Kubernetes Service | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>Learn how to secure traffic between pods using network policies in Azure Kubernetes Service in this episode of Azure Tips and Tricks. By default, components in a Kubernetes cluster can receive traffic from anywhere. To secure your AKS cluster, you can implement a network policy that defines which components can receive traffic from which sources.… Read More »

How to Publish a Website with GitLab Pages

Hello, I’m Marcia and today I’m gonna show you how publish a website with GitLab Pages on GitLab.com. In the first part of this video, I’ll fork a repo and make it a project website. In the second part, I will show you how to make it a user or a group website. Let’s choose… Read More »

Ostinato Packet/Traffic Generator

When we start Ostinato we see a default port group this represents your local machine expanding it we see all the local ports let’s select the loop back port create a new stream double click the icon to edit it now let’s select our protocols let’s take Ethernet, then IP and then TCP now let’s… Read More »

Sıfırdan İnternet Sitesi Yapma [1 Saat]

Hi friends today all together You will learn to make your website from scratch. Every stage I’m going to share with you step by step. Make the website video as clear and as possible I’il make sure you understand. We are ready for the website construction video Let’s start without further ado. First I want… Read More »