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ASP.NET Tutorial – 05 – HTML Controls

All HTML elements can be made into HTML server controls. To do this we place them inside the form control and include the runat server attribute. The element now becomes a HTML control that we can manipulate using its id reference. The control in this case is of the HTMLAnchor class. For this class we… Read More »

Life Changing Habits to do in Your Free Time in Tamil | Free Time Habit | Good Habit Tamil |Siragus

siragus – stay motivated music welcome friends, people told swiggy,zomoto,ubers are innovative service because of, this service are saves our valuable time… but, just think are used this time ? No, we don’t used. we used this time to play games , tv, online series algahal like this bad habits, so, this video we are… Read More »

Web Development from the Ground Up for Beginners (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python) – 01: Introduction

Hello and welcome to my web development tutorial! This tutorial is designed for complete beginners to be able to create a web app from scratch with the currently existing web technologies. This course will include two parts: the first one is for client side, the thing that shows up in your browser such as buttons,… Read More »

We Learned How To Be Phone Sex Operators

– [Man On Phone] Tell me that you’re gonna spank me in Irish. – Oh, I’m gonna spank you so hard. – [Man On Phone] How hard you gonna spank me? – I’m gonna spank you as hard as I can. (classical music) – [Narrator] From a worryingly young age, I’ve always been curious about… Read More »

The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis

[clangs] This is Inuyama, Japan, a historic city home to Japan’s oldest original wooden castle. It is also home to Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute.Here, a group of chimpanzees have been trainedto play a game that exposes something shockingabout their memories.This is going to blow your mind.Here is how it works.Take a look at these… Read More »

How To Read Traffic Signs | Learn to drive: Highway Code

In order to pass the UK driving test we must understand and obey any traffic signs we come across – but this can be a challenge for new drivers as there are hundreds of different signs to learn. Traffic signs have many different shapes – some are round, some triangular, and a lot are rectangular.… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 12 – Lists

HTML offer three types of lists: ordered, unordered, and definition. The ordered, or numbered list, uses the list item element to specify each item. The end tag for this element is optional. The numerals for the ordered list can be changed using the type attribute. Arabic numbers are used by default but we can also… Read More »