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VIP Digital Marketing Course: From Beginner to Advance

if you want to learn digital marketing and also you want to make money with it you are exactly in the right place. By the end of this course you will become a professional marketer and also you will be able to sell any product online, you can start making money as a freelancer if… Read More »

joggle learning of seo onsite meta tags tips video || Word-Press tutorials 2th17

joggle learning of seo meta tags tips video

How to guarantee the top spot on Google Search results!

– I’m thinking there’s gotta be a quick way, like, you know, people who wanna work the system and they wanna get on that first page of Google, like, right away. – So you wanna know if its possible to get on the first page of Google really fast. Yeah, there’s different ways of doing… Read More »

🇬🇧/🇺🇸 How to generate Persona Based Content – Searchmetrics Webinar

Yes, hello and welcome to another Searchmetrics webinar today we are going to present you persona based content from an SEO perspective and actually it’s an analyzers space on you know a use case we had with one of our clients that was so good that we thought to make a webinar out of it… Read More »

Lesson 3/12 – On Page SEO (Keywords, Permalinks, Meta tags, SEO Tips)

welcome to digital learning 44

How to Better Serve Your LEP Audience by Meeting the Federal Requirements

hello and thanks for joining us for today’s events today’s event is hosted by the multilingual community of practice my name is Lorene leg leg Aaron and I’m an attorney with a federal coordination and compliance section of the Civil Rights Division within the Department of Justice our office investigates race color and national origin… Read More »

What is SEO and why is it important to your business?

– So what is SEO? (clicking) Search engine optimization, SEO, is, traditionally a lot of people think of it as smoke and mirrors. They’re like, “Oh, there’s some mystical art “and magic that’s occurring that these people “do on my website and stuff in order “to get me increased visibility on Google “so I can… Read More »