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Taliyah: Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight, featuring Taliyah, the Stoneweaver. Taliyah was always a little different from the other kids in her tribe. The Shuriman teen was stronger and braver than the others, and she can manipulate and reshape the earth using her mind! As Taliyah’s powers grew, she began to worry that… Read More »

Sett Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

Sett is the Boss: a self-made, half-Vastayan, half-Noxian entrepreneur and fighter running Ionia’s underground fighting pits. Not one to beat around the bush, Sett takes matters into his own hands, relying on his fists to get ahead and get the job done. Sett’s get ready to Rumble!!! Welcome to the Sett Champion Spotlight. Sett’s got… Read More »

A New Horizon | Star Guardian Ahri Animated Trailer – League of Legends

Star Guardians are destined to protect the universe. But who will protect us? Some say our endings have already been written… but I’ve stopped believing in fate. So if our story won’t change… I will. This time, we decide our own destiny.

Champions in Season 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends

I’m Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, the Lead Producer on the Champions Team at Riot and I wanted to talk a little about our plans for 2020. We will be kicking off the year with Sett, The Boss. Sett is a new Juggernaut releasing today. He is a bad boy from the Ionian underground, but don’t tell… Read More »

Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic – League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda Hayes)

As a child you would wait and watch from far away But you always knew that you’d be the one that work while they all play In youth you’d lay awake at night and scheme of all the things that you would change but it was just a dream! Here we are don’t turn away… Read More »

Football vs Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Dude perfect.What’s up guys? We’re dude perfect. We’re the f2 – let’s have some fun Billy struck an unbelievable pose after he made that shot so I’m going to try to blow them out of the water slow-mo movie explosion That was my slow-mo movie explosion I need you to add that in in post… Read More »

Arcane: Animated Series Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition – League of Legends

FOR 10 YEARS WE EXPLORED DISTANT WORLDS AND SAW LEGENDS RISE A NEW ADVENTURE AWAITS FROM THE CREATORS OF IN 2020 RIOT GAMES PRESENTS AN ANIMATED SERIES EVERY LEGEND HAS A BEGINNING I’d like to let you in on a very important secret Power comes to those who will do Anything to achieve it It’s… Read More »

TFT Updates and Mobile Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition – League of Legends

Let’s talk a little bit about League’s newest permanent game mode Teamfight Tactics. When we launched Teamfight Tactics earlier this year, we hoped you’d love it and the response has blown us away. TFT has brought millions of players to League. It’s one of the biggest modes we’ve ever added to League and it has… Read More »