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(ENG) Let’s Eat 2 | Yoon Doo Joon & Seo Hyun Jin Kimchi Stew with Pork Mukbang #Let’sEat2

[Let’s Eat] [Kimchi stew with pork] (Yum…♥) Is it good? (Awesome visuals) Help yourself (Awesome visuals) (Steaming) (Ho~) Ma’am, please give us a bottle of soju (Ah~)

(ENGSUB) [풀영상] 안재현(An Jae Hyun)x오연서(Oh Yeon Seo)x김슬기x구원 MBC 드라마 ‘하자있는 인간들’ 제작발표회 [통통TV]

For great photos, please stand where it is marked with an arrow. Let’s start from the left section, then middle and right. Face the left section, please. This is Gu Won, who plays Lee Min Hyuk, Lee Kang Woo’s cousin, who is a med-school graduate and nurse teacher at Shinhwa High School. He has a… Read More »

(ENGSUB) 오연서(Oh Yeon Seo) “아는 사람 중 가장 하자있는 사람은…” @ MBC 드라마 ‘하자있는 인간들’ 제작발표회 (안재현, 김슬기, 구원) [통통TV]

How does it feel to have worked with Yeon Seo again, and what is the reason for casting her? – Please. – Yes. I’ve worked with Yeon Seo for ‘My Sassy Girl’. The drama was a comedy if I were to name a genre. Not as much as ‘Love with Flaws’, but it was to… Read More »

(ENG) Let’s Eat 2 | Seo Hyun Jin Korean Dish Mukbang #LetsEat2

[Ultimate Mukbang] God, this porridge What’s with the color? It looks like dog food Ugh! (Surprised) Excuse me? Did you just say dog food? (Sigh…) This is a curled mallow porridge Curled mallow is a popular spring and autumn vegetable It has a smooth and cool quality So it has a cooling effect for people… Read More »

(ENG) Let’s Eat 2 | Yoon Doo Joon & Seo Hyun Jin Cold Bean Soup Mukbang | #Let’sEat2

[Ultimate Mukbang] (Eating) Enjoy your meal Sure, you too (Slurp!) (Mmm~) Sweet! Very savory (Slurp!) Not salty? Salty but delicious Add some of this? (Go round~) You gotta taste the eggs at this point (Nom ♥) The seasoning is just right Delicious Very good

Are You Human Too? – Official Teaser | Seo Kang-Joon and Gong Seung-Yeon | ENG

Face, physique both perfect, and financially intelligent I am from PK Group’s future strategic department Nam Shin [ Are You Human Too? ] [ Are You Human Too? – Grand Scale Human Impersonation Project ] He is a bit strange It is my principle to hug someone who’s crying He is definitely not that guy,… Read More »

(ENG) Let’s Eat 2 | Seo Hyun Jin Chinese Food Mukbang | #LetsEat2 #Mukbang

Oh, wait! What are you doing? Excuse me? You should dip it in the sauce Nah, you should pour it Then the sauce will make the sweet and sour pork softer Humph, Why would they have fried it if they want you to eat it soft? Making a fried dish soggy is an insult! [Let’s… Read More »

AleXa (알렉사) – “Bomb” Official MV

Knock knock start I can’t wait anymore Bu-button push I can’t tell anymore D-do same action Can’t change anymore Cut it out blind I can’t take anymore First time feeling texture, different nature gesture Blow Smoldering flames, frozen gaze Glow You’ll probably be surprised You’ll get burned if you lay down your heart Since I’m… Read More »

(ENG/SPA) Try Not To Fall In Love with Park Seo Joon | #TNTChallenge | #Diggle

[TNT Challenge] (Starts off with a sweet but normal kiss on the hand) (Kiss…♥) (Bright sound) (Smooth back hug) (Tough-guy wrist grab) Where is she going? She was watching me sleep (The amazing skill of a vice-chairman) (Feels like my heart’s melting) What? Shouldn’t you be able to put up with this You’re the one… Read More »

VIXX Ken X Nine Muses Kyungri. So hot! New couple from the shooting spot! [Oh my God TIP!]

The famous ‘concept-idol’ group in Korea, VIXX “Hello everyone~ I’m the cute main vocalist of VIXX, Ken!” “We worked together in a program while ago, and people said we had a good chemistry.” “We were asked so many times if we were dating back then, too.” “He treated me really well, like a brother.” “My… Read More »