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쎈 언니 서인영(Seo In Young ), 더 쎈 동생 제시(Jessi) 가슴 터치! “가.짜.야?” 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 31회

Are you two close? Yes. We fought once in the past Then we became close Did you guys fight physically? No, just words It was about to happen, but we got close Don’t you lose in verbal fights? She loses in verbal fights. That’s not it…….. I’m pretty good at cursing in Korean lately Why… Read More »

Seo In Guk Tak Terkendali!! 🕺🕺🕺 #ThreeIdiots 🇮🇩SUB INDO🇮🇩

[NO 필터링] ‘팬터마임의 달인’ 제시(Jessi)에 서인영(Seo In Young) 폭발! “야아아!!” 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 31회

What do I need right now? (The Knowing Brother Tradition that cannot be excluded.) The answer that all of us are assuming… Nicotine! Someone was going to say that anyway Does not hesitate to go hit him To be precise, Parliament Light! Hey! (Changes her target from Hodong to Jessi) Marlboro Red! (In the middle… Read More »

서인영(Seo In Young), 김희철(Kim Hee Chul) 기습 포옹에 심쿵! 천하의 희철도 ‘발그레♡’ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 31회

Do you still feel awkward being with me? Not now. Oh, then till when did you feel awkward? You’re so shameless. (suspicious) !!!! WHAT is this, WHAT is this? (ahjummas being excited) This is my first time seeing her blushing! (blushing) Hey, someone please bring him a super big mic. He was constantly talking to… Read More »