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(audience applause and cheers) (upbeat music) – Thank you, thank you. Schmarvard. Good afternoon San Diego. (audience cheers) So I have a new book coming out called AskGaryVee mainly because the truth is, I really don’t even want to speak right now. I just want to go directly into Q & A because I can… Read More »

Customer Service Olympics: Reach for Gold to Reap the Rewards

Hi There! This is Shep Hyken Customer Service and Experience Expert and on this video I’m going to discuss how you should reach for gold to reap the rewards in customer service. Last week while I was watching the Olympics, some common words the television commentators would use to describe the athletes competing in various… Read More »

Is SEO Still Relevant? – #JayToday

Is your job massively in demand in 2015? Hey everybody. It’s Jay Baer with another Jay Today, where I give you a piece of my mind three minutes at a time. I’m outside despite the fact that it is not terribly warm here in southern Indiana because my house is filled with Amish workmen doing… Read More »

The Power of Social Media Marketing in 2019 | Gary Vaynerchuk – Imagine Keynote, Las Vegas

– Everybody who’s talking about AI, it’s so bad, and all this. These articles were written about machinery around farming. We just knew that we were all farming. We went on to do other shit. And by the way, I don’t feel bad for a truck driver who isn’t reading headlines for 20 years, that… Read More »