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[EP] Seo Yi Do and Min Ye Rin (Min Jae Hee)

He was eight years old. He had only me but i told him to get out. My son was drowning. As you’ve saved me first, I’ll save you next time. I won’t forget you. No matter how much you gonna change, I’ll recognize you. No matter where you gonna be, I’ll find you. Okay. Find… Read More »

저 정말 잘생겼어요? ‘아무도 모른다’ 김서형이 가장 듣고 싶은 말은? 김서형의 캐릭터 Q&A (feat. 꼬맹이) | 얼루어코리아 Allure Korea

[Handsome / Beautiful] Beautiful. Lots of people tell me I’m handsome these days. But.. [ASK allure] Hi, everyone. I am actress Kim Seo-hyung. Hello, this is my Kkomangi. He seems bothered. A few days ago, I got some questions through ASK allure about the characters of Kim Seo-hyung in and outside of the screen. So… Read More »

Tell Me What You Saw | Jang Hyuk, Sooyoung, Jin Seo-Yeon

The story begins with Cha Soo Young’s childhood, which since childhood she already has the ability to remember objects. As a child she could remember the black car that crashed into her mother, driver and a small child in the car and the car’s license plate was Mucheon 11, A5897. Her mother died in the… Read More »

[CC/FULL] Good Things Get Better EP05 (1/3) | 낭만닥터김사부

A doctor who has a success rate of 97 %. The only triple board certified doctor in the entire nation able to even save those on their deathbed. Also known as the “God’s Hand.” A legend among legends amidst surgeons. He had droves of people from all over, desperate to receive surgery from him. And… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#AWitch’sLove] Park Seo Joon ♥ Uhm Jung Hwa Scrambles for Package #Mix_Clip #Diggle

I told them to leave it here Why is it not here? Coming now? I bet you have a side job I don’t know about You can’t possibly have all these packages It’s not like that Let me get it What’s in it? Cona extra fancy all over again? None of your business, give me… Read More »

Goo Seung Jun & Seo Dan | Better With You [Crash Landing On You] ♥

My name is Goo Seung Jun. I’m Seo Dan. Stop. What are you doing here ? That’s my question. What are you doing, Ms. Seo Dan? Don’t you worry. I’ll make sure you get there safe and sound. Thank you. Why did you come here again? This is where my fiancé lives. Fiancé? Here? Is… Read More »