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Solving a JavaScript crackme: JS SAFE 2.0 (web) – Google CTF 2018

Recently I get too little time to play CTFs but John Hammond, who also has a CTF and hacking YouTube channel approached me and asked if I was playing the Google CTF 2018, and so I was persuaded into playing a few hours with him. Because we are both noobs, we chose a challenge that… Read More »

O que é HTML, CSS e JavaScript? | #uninerds | Universo dos Nerds

Hello everyone here who speaks is the administrator of uninerds In this video lesson we will be explaining to you what you should know to start developing for Web basically you have to know three languages that is HTML, CSS and JavaScript in HTML we define the structure of the site, that is, what the… Read More »

Converting a Webpage to AMP (AMP UP Ep.1)

Build the future of the web with modern JavaScript (Google I/O ’18)

How to Kotlin – from the Lead Kotlin Language Designer (Google I/O ’18)


Technical SEO. The goal of technical SEO services is to make better websites for both users and search engine crawlers. Technical SEO deals with all the important aspects that are imperative to modern websites and applications. Such as: web performance, structure optimization and JavaScript.

8.1: What is HTML? – p5.js Tutorial

Hello! So I today I’m starting a new an entirely new section of videos about a topic i really don’t know anything about. I have no business making this video but i’m going to make an attempt at you the internet will I don’t know why pointing and I like aggressive manner. I welcome you… Read More »