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How much traffic did your website get yesterday? #GoogleAnalyticsQ&A

How much traffic did you get on the website yesterday? The topic of this video is going to be how we can find this out in Google Analytics. All the more coming up. Hey there measure geeks. Julian here back with another video. I’m actually starting a new series here where we’re going to answer… Read More »

HTML, CSS, JavaScript Explained [in 4 minutes for beginners]

Every webpage on the internet uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Think of them as the foundational coding languages of the internet. Just like how Belgium has 3 languages (French, Dutch, German), webpages also have languages. In the case of websites, their languages are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Sure you may have heard of them, but… Read More »

How to integrate Google Tag Manager on AMP pages

– In this video, I’m gonna show you how you can integrate Google Tag Manager on a accelerated mobile webpage, also known as AMP. All and more, coming up right after this. (upbeat electronic music) Hi there, and welcome to another video of measureschool.com, where we teach you the data-driven way of digital marketing. My… Read More »

9.13: GitHub Pages for Hosting p5.js Sketches – p5.js Tutorial

This is a short tutorial to show you how to take a p5.js sketch and host it with GitHub Pages. So, in order to follow this tutorial it assumes two things [sic]: you have a GitHub account and you have a p5.js sketch. And the p5.js sketch– I’m going to show you– is this one… Read More »

Google Tag Manager API – Discover and try #GTMTip

Hello there and welcome back to another video of measureschool.com teaching you the data-driven way of digital marketing. My name is Julian, and I’m back with another quick tip on Google Tag Manager. This time we want to talk about to Google Tag Manager API, and actually how to try it out. Now, when I… Read More »

Linking AdWords and Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics | Lesson 14

All right let’s talk about the two more tasks that you have to take on if you are driving traffic to the website which is linking Adwords and webmaster tools to your Google Analytics account. And this is really about bridging the gap between the acquisitions channel, such as Adwords or in webmaster tools it… Read More »