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Is SEO Dead or Evolving to Voice SEO 2020

And in today’s video I want to discuss why is SEO dead. Intro for voice seo why is seo dead video . search engine optimization for voice search The only thing that is actually dead is SEO s that cannot make it to the first page Now if you have not been able or not… Read More »


I know that a lot of SEO hate JavaScript. And I get why it’s very complex it makes our lives difficult, it makes developers lives difficult but I feel like this is a a good time to talk about a very good news for them. – What’s that? – And the good news for them… Read More »

Is SEO Dead? Yes And No.

I’m sure you’ve read or seen somewhere that SEO is dead. And that’s true, but it’s not true for small business owners. And I want to talk about three key reasons why that is in today’s video blog. Hi there Internet fans, Ryan Perry here. And today, let’s talk about SEO. Is it dead.? Yes… Read More »