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Pike Fishing In Ireland | Angle(r)s – A Documentary

Fishing Club Productions Present Angle(r)s With Arnaud Brière A film directed by Thomas Paulin Produced by David Vengerder I quickly fell in love with Ireland. It’s a super endearing country, the people here are adorable, courteous, smiling, and always in a good mood. It was immediately very pleasant and then the wildlife here is completely… Read More »

Interview with John Aldridge

John: Words fail me because that was growing up as a kid, that’s all I dreamt about. Doug: Thanks for coming to the home of football shirts. Doug: Classic Football Shirts. We’re in Dublin for a week. Doug: Thanks to you guys for coming down. Doug: Just going to have a chat with John about… Read More »

Update a wordpress web page created with cornerstone in xTheme

In this video I’m going to demonstrate how to edit a page that’s been created with that the cornerstone page builder in the xTheme. First thing I need to do is navigate to the appropriate page, in this case special offers. When the page loads at the very top of the screen select Pro and… Read More »