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漫画ひろぼう ブロックチェーンって何の巻 第271話

Google Home Mini Review – I might finally buy a Smart Speaker…

My feelings going into this video are no secret. I’m on the record and more than once as thinking that “smart speakers” like the Amazon echo and Google home are kinda cool and with the potential to be awesome in the future. But right now, not useful enough to warrant their three digit price tags.… Read More »

Google I/O Keynote (Google I/O ’17)

$19 Particle Photon unboxing and demonstration of wifi enabled IoT

Hey guys, John from John’s DIY Playground. Today I want review for you the internet of things board called the Photon, made by Particle. They’re at http://particle.io/ they make this board which is wifi-based you can flash it over the air and send and receive data from it very easily on the web. They also… Read More »

Securing traffic between pods using policies in Azure Kubernetes Service | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>Learn how to secure traffic between pods using network policies in Azure Kubernetes Service in this episode of Azure Tips and Tricks. By default, components in a Kubernetes cluster can receive traffic from anywhere. To secure your AKS cluster, you can implement a network policy that defines which components can receive traffic from which sources.… Read More »

Is the Internet on the Verge of a Traffic Jam?