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Technology Stacks – Computer Science for Business Leaders 2016

>>DAVID J. MALAN: So we are back. So the high-level topic at the moment now is technology stacks, which isn’t a particularly technical term, it’s more of a catch all for any number of combinations of technologies that you might use to solve problems. And perhaps the most fitting way to start would be to… Read More »

Add a sitemap for more than 50,000 URLs – SEO Snippets

[MUSIC PLAYING] JOHN MUELLER: Today’s question is about sitemap files. Mike from India asks, how do we add a sitemap for more than 50,000 URLs? Sitemap files are a great way to make your content known to Google and to other search engines. However, they’re limited to 50,000 URLs per file. What do you do… Read More »

Deep Link Referrer Analytics for Google Search

JAREK WILKIEWICZ: Hi, I’m Jarek Wilkiewicz, and today we’ll talk about how to measure the additional engagement your mobile app’s getting from Google Search. Let’s say you run a coffee shop like this one. People come and go. Some just hang out and don’t buy anything. Others spend a small fortune on coffee or tea… Read More »

Will removing “.html” from my URLs help my site? – SEO Snippets