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The Mormon War on Porn | Slutever

Is there a part of you that loves the provocation of being… a lesbian, Mormon pornographer? For sure. Yes, I absolutely love **** off the church by making Mormon porn. It’s super fun for me. If you don’t grow up Mormon you don’t realize that there’s all these sexy things about it. But, if you… Read More »

How Daddy Long Neck Turned Abnormality into Virality

-Daddy Long Neck here. And it’s about to get litty like a [bleep] titty. Daddy Long Neck here. I just hit a milli, so I bought… And I’m looking for a lady to lick this chocolate all over me. -Everyone sees all the hate he gets on his comments. It’s almost like fuel for him.… Read More »

Expelled From Every Other School

At least 24 people were shot and injured between late Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning Police believe most shootings were gang or drug related 34 Chicago students killed and almost 300 wounded in the past year Chicago is now the murder capital of this country Go on then, eh Get off this bus I’m… Read More »

God vs Gays: Gay Conversion Therapy (Part 2/3)

Do you think that you can live as a devout Christian/Catholic and be gay? No. You can’t be, it’s incompatible. You cannot be Christian and gay You can’t You can be a homosexual and Christian but you can’t be gay and Christian. There is no question anymore, of course you can be gay and you… Read More »

Making The World’s First Male Sex Doll | Slutever

The Ex-Undercover Cop Exposing the UK’s Police Corruption

There was an occasion where things didn’t go according to plan and we took a detour and a gun was produced. And I was threatened and told I was suspected of being a undercover detective I choose to say, “Of course I am. That’s exactly who I am. Exactly, you’re absolutely right.” That’s you fucked.… Read More »

Yeon Seo x Dan ● Cause I love you ▷ Angel’s Last Mission

I didn’t become human I don’t think I’ll be able to So what? Whether you’re an angel or a human, it doesn’t matter We don’t know how long we’ll last like this I’ll just grab your hand again You said so yourself you’d ask me to marry you a hundred times I’m like that too… Read More »

Private Investigator Vs. Psychic Match The Story To The Face Out Of A Lineup

10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask a Pet Cremator

How Weed Laws Are Failing the UK | High Society