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How to add hreflang tags automatically (and enhance your global SEO)

A handy toolkit to optimize your websites and increase search traffic Today I’ll be talking about international SEO and hreflang implementation If you know that many of your website visitors come from different countries and speak different languages then it may be time to make some changes to your website to create a better experience… Read More »

How data-driven keyword research can improve international SEO

Keyword research is the starting point for many SEO projects, informing you which keywords have the potential to drive the most traffic to your website. But in order for this research to uncover the maximum number of valuable, relevant search terms, you need to go beyond the standard approach of just looking in Google Keyword… Read More »

SEO Outsourcing – Pay Someone Else to Create Content for You

Hey guys wanna talk to you this morning about SEO outsourcing, there’s a website called fiverr dot com you can go there and get a range of things done starting from five dollars. If you have a look up here it’ll give you an idea of what they will do for you okay but today… Read More »

What is International SEO? | Ask Bartosz Anything

You need international SEO when you’re targeting more than one market. It may be an obvious statement, but it gets quite complicated. If you’re in Germany, but all of a sudden you want to start selling to the French as well, or Poland for that matter, you need to translate your website. This creates a… Read More »

INTERNATIONAL SEO | Dental SEO Part 3 | Wagada

DAN: It is your big strength, International SEO. DEE: Absolutely, so I mean in your dental practice based in Europe trying to attract UK patients then your your stress you can be completely different then if your local and regional practice so we’re we’re experts in this field where we were knowledgeable we help customers… Read More »

How to Optimize Your Website With Multilingual SEO

How to optimize your website with multilingual SEO So, you want to translate your website and promote your international business with SEO techniques. But how to optimise your content for search engines in languages that you don’t understand? For example, apply your website page title Alt attributes or Meta description in German or in Chinese.… Read More »

How to find reliable Google SEO information online | Need-to-know

Online information about Google SEO is everywhere, but it isn’t all reliable. So, how can you differentiate between the information provided by industry professionals, and what is written by amateurs? This video will give you three sources of trusted Google SEO information, so that you don’t get caught out by articles that are out of… Read More »

How to Get Your Business Started with International SEO

International SEO can go hand in hand with other marketing channels to help your business to expand in new markets and allow your users to find the correct version of your website. Here are seven tips to help get you started. 1: implement hreflang attributes. This allows Google to show the right version to the… Read More »

How to do BETTER SEO than KFC, AMAZON, and TARGET!

International SEO is the branch of SEO devoted to optimizing websites in order for search engines to recognize which country and language your website is targeting. Here are four examples of major brands getting international SEO wrong. Number one: Target.com misses the bullseye in Mexico. Target.com ships to three countries: the US, Canada and Mexico.… Read More »


This branch of SEO involves the optimization of a website so that it can reach international audiences and markets. An optimised website structure provides clear information to search engine regarding the language and the targeted country so that users in specific countries get a version of the website in their language. International SEO is an… Read More »