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How to become a DevOps Engineer | DevOps Engineer Roles and Responsibilities | Intellipaat

hey guys welcome to the session by Intellipaat now we know how important DevOps has become into this software development market pretty much every big company has moved on from traditional development methodologies onto DevOps so it’s high time we also understood how it works so keeping that in mind we have come up with… Read More »

What is Azure? | Microsoft Azure Training | Azure | Intellipaat

hey guys I am a Akansha and I welcome you all to this video tutorial on Microsoft edge your by Intellipaat so I bet you guys already know that Microsoft Azure is the second largest cloud platform right now but did you know that more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies are extensively using… Read More »

Microsoft Azure for Beginners | What Is Azure? | Microsoft Azure Training | Intellipaat

Hey guys, welcome to this session on Microsoft Azure. Let us start off with this session with a fun fact: 80% of the world’s fortune 500 companies run on Microsoft Azure either completely or up to an extent, and also Microsoft claims that Azure is growing at a rate of 120,000 new customers every month.… Read More »