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Website on HTML or WordPress | Which is Better?

Hello friends my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectualindies today we will talk about html and WordPress guys are commenting alot why should I learn html,css,php as I can make a website in wordpress so can we make a full fledged website in word press, so don’t we need we development so… Read More »

ZoomCar Business Model | Case Study

Today, We will talk about India’s First Rental Business Model That is Zoom Car Yes You heard it Right, Online Car rental Business Model You can book the Car on Rental basis from them and You wont get the Driver, You will drive it You might had an experience in Ola, uber But if You… Read More »

CCD Case Study | Reason Behind VG Siddhartha Suicide | Complete Analysis

Why did CCD’s founder commit suicide? What is CCD’s full business model? In today’s case study we will be talking about How was CCD started? How were its subsidiaries started? Also, why did its founder commit suicide? We will talk about all the things in detail Siddhartha completed his post-graduation in Economics from Mangalore university.… Read More »

Mobile First Strategy For Better SEO | Hindi

hello friends, my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we are going to talk about mobile first strategy and how it affects and how it will multiply your seo efforts if you make your website mobile friendly then it will spice up your seo ranking and it can be… Read More »

Social Media Audits | Digital Marketing Series | Hindi

Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we are talking about Social Media Audits and at the end of the video there will be a home work for your brand in this series we have discussed a hole lot about theory and now its time for practical… Read More »

Improve Your SEO | AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages | Hindi

Earlier we have discussed that Mobile is the future, if you focus more on mobile SEO chances of ranking are high of a better SEO And your page will rank fast The keyword to be ranked that took 6-7 months organically You can do it fast So today i am going to tell you a… Read More »

Lets Copy Our Competitors SEO Strategy | Hindi | Ahref

Today we will talk about how we can copy our competitors seo strategy Through Link Building. I am telling you again that Content is the king If your content is good, it’ll automatically improve your ranking. If your content is not good , it doesn’t matter how much you link you use. Maybe it’ll improve… Read More »

On Page SEO | Search Engine Optimisation | Complete On Page SEO Technique in HINDI

After watching this video, you’ll be clear about On page optimization What is On page Optimization and how do we do it. if you like this video. Do like it. and do share I’ve always told you that On page optimization Is very important Off page, backlinks or link building won’t improve your seo score… Read More »

Sales Training – 1| कुछ भी बेचने का तरीका | Art Of Selling

Hello friends my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today’s our series 1st chapter is get to start this series name is selling from heart in this we will have almost 10 videos where we gonna to master selling technique how to sell? and all that.I would have made the… Read More »

#AskDigiperform 001 | SEO, YouTube, Scope of Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

So if you are watching this video for the 1st ever time and if you are not aware about what this #AskDigiperform is, sorry about this video if that’s shaky because, I am right now travelling and I am, going to attend an event.