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How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Business *Free Search Tool*

Hello, social media marketers, my name is Jordan from Socialbakers and today, I am going to demystify hashtags. Hashtags are what make the social media world go round. Yet, some marketers are still hashtagging it up without any real strategy in place. #selfie #brunch #iphone #instagood Today, we’re gonna change that. I’m gonna go over… Read More »

SEO Optimizer WordPress Theme

Welcome to the world of SEO! This is SEO Optimizer WordPress Theme for SEO agencies, SEM and Link building providers. If you are looking for a perfect WordPress theme that represents your SEO services entirely then this theme will solve your purpose. SEO OPTIMIZER is an eye catching and impactful WordPress theme for your business.… Read More »

How to Center Social Media Embedded Posts on Your Blog

On this episode, you’ll learn how to center social media embed codes on your blog. I’m Christian Karasiewicz from Social Chefs. Welcome to Social Snacks where you’ll learn social media marketing tips to grow your business in under five minutes. In this case, we’re gonna show you how to center embed code you get from… Read More »

SEO Tips – Getting started with Keyword research

Hello I’m Andrew from Optimisey.com I’m going to talk to you about SEO and keywords. Keywords are really valuable they’re a thing that you can spend a lot of time on they’re a real rabbit hole you can fall down doing keyword research. But you’ll never regret spending a good few hours quite often looking… Read More »

How to Crush Making Content for Instagram and LinkedIn | Meeting in Los Angeles, 2018

– Micro fucking content. Know who your audience is. (electronic music) You got your perspective. (crowd cheers) I just want to be happy. Don’t you want to be happy? (light music) – You kind of, you’re lost at, you know 250,000 a day followers. Have like 25 million on the, you know, the TV show’s… Read More »

SEO Tips – Keyword research, beyond the basics

hello I’m Andrew from optimisey.com I’m going to talk to you about SEO and keywords again today. You might have seen the video that we did before about keyword research, why it’s important and how you can start building up your keyword list. Today we’re going to focus on how you narrow it down and… Read More »