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hi everyone welcome back to my channel and this new in, Zara haul edition. Now I’ve had in a bit of a love-hate relationship with Zara probably for about the last year I love their designs I think it’s very on trend I think it’s very affordable but I was getting a little bit sick… Read More »

Want More Web Traffic from Google?

Did you know that when you search on a search engine like Google or Bing there are two different results? There  are paid for results, ads  and organic results You might not be aware of that,  but there are results that people pay for to be in front of you this is how Google makes… Read More »

All You Need To Know About Digital Marketing Services

Hello there, welcome another informative video from Afrylance I’m Dozie, and today I’ll be taking you on Marketing Services, what they are, how they can help you as a business, and how to get started using a marketing service close to you. Alright, before we get started I would like for you to like, share,… Read More »