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룩!룩!룩셈부르크! 작지만 강한나라, 대중교통 전면 무료화 ㅎㄷㄷ

Lux♫ Lux♫ Luxembourg♫ You’ve probably heard at least one time a song called ≪Luxembourg≫ from ‘Crying Nut’ Today’s theme is Luxembourg I expect more people who don’t know about Luxembourg than people who know Luxembourg government disclosed fresh and shocking facts ”All public transportation is free” Is this true? Luxembourg people have a lot of… Read More »

Steel Safety Day – On-site traffic

Did you know April 28 is Steel Safety Day? Let’s lock the date in! The five most common causes of safety incidents are; moving machinery, falling from heights, falling objects, on-site traffic, and process safety incidents. On-site traffic; Is all road, rail and pedestrian traffic on the site operating safely, and has all unnecessary traffic… Read More »

Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan

[wind chimes clinking] [mellow music] Nathaniel: Good morning, Steve Steve: Hey, Nathaniel. How are you? Nathaniel: Doing just great. Go ahead, Steve. [electronic beeping] [electronic voice] Auto driving. Nathaniel: Here we go. Steve: Away we go. [chuckles] Steve: Look, Ma, no hands. Nathaniel: [laughs] No hands anywhere. Steve: No hands, no feet. Nathaniel: No hands,… Read More »

Blue Sky Video Productions Review

As a result of using Blue Sky Video, one of the things that that that happened is I closed the largest transaction in the history of my company. Secondly, it’s made it so much easier for me to market myself. I do a lot of networking and I tell people about what I do and… Read More »