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SEO Strategi | Hvordan arbejder du strategisk med SEO?

What Is Anchor Text & Why Is It Important For Link Structure? Internal Links SEO

Internal links are the backbone of how search engines did people understand content on your site. One part of an internal link that you need to pay attention to is the anchor texts for your internal links. Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display when linking to another document or pages… Read More »

✏️¡Bienvenido a CONTENIDO PARA SEO!🙋

Welcome to SEO Content: the YouTube channel where you will learn to create SEO texts that make a difference in your business on-line. We are a content marketing agency that we not only want change the copywriting sector but of entrepreneurship in general. And I say this because I’m sure you’ve already written your first… Read More »

How to 10X Your LinkedIn Traffic By Posting At These Times

Drive More Traffic And Sales By Fixing This Website ERROR | The 404 Hack

You log onto Google search console, and you’ll see that you have a ton of 404 errors. Everyone has them. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to teach you what 404 error pages are, and how you can leverage them to drive more traffic. First off, when someone goes to your website… Read More »

4 USELESS Marketing Tools You’re Still Using (STOP Wasting Your Money)

– While six to eight years ago some of the tools that I’m going to mention were really useful. Today, they’re just going to waste your time. So, when you read about them on the blackout forums or SEOs talking about how they can skyrocket your rankings, you should avoid them at all costs cause… Read More »

How To Build Thousands of Backlinks Without Even Asking For Them (5 Actionable Tactics)

– A lot of people are reluctant to build backlinks. They get scared because you need to do outreach to hundreds, if not, thousands of website’s owners before you get your first handful of backlinks. But truth be told, you don’t have to do that. There are organic ways where you can attract backlinks without… Read More »

How to Get 7 Times More Twitter Traffic | Twitter Marketing Tips

Can You STILL Do Digital Marketing for Free? (The REAL Cost of Digital Marketing)

– Back when I got started, it was easy to make a killing with digital marketing. All you got to do is rank some random blog spot website, or WordPress.com website. Throw on some affiliate links and boom, you’re off to the races. But things have changed a lot in marketing. In order to get… Read More »

How to Retarget Your Visitors and Drive Visitors Back to your Website

Have you heard of the rule of seven in which people see your name, your company brand, your product or service seven times and then they’re much more likely to buy? Well, that is really the case, and that rule exists because markers all over the world have noticed that the more people see your… Read More »