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Why Google won’t protect you from big brother: Christopher Soghoian at TEDxSanJoseCA 2012

Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Denise RQ My name is Christopher Soghoian, and I’m a privacy researcher. In particular, I study the surveillance state that we now live in. Not exactly the theme that’s happened today. If you look in Hollywood movies, cop shows on TV, we see a single vision of surveillance. We see surveillance… Read More »

I Sent Fakes of Myself to Be on TV Around the World

[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 – ‘unicorn’ Identity 20180513

“This contestant..” “.. is the main character of the movie, “Deadpool”! ” “The best villainous hero of Hollywood!” “It’s Ryan Reynolds!” [ WAIT… WHO?!?! ] [ WHAT DID I JUST LOOK AT? ] [ HOW DID DEADPOOL MANAGE TO GET HERE?? ] [ NO WAY ] [ THIS IS INSANE ] “GET ME A PHOTO,… Read More »