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Can switching to HTTPS harm ranking?

Today’s question comes from Roelant in the Netherlands who wants to know if a website goes SSL, that’s like https, secure, entirely, can it harm ranking even if done right? No speed loss, http does 301 to https. Existing incoming links would still be http and it’s assumed that forwarding-links are valued less by Google… Read More »

Google Makes HTTPS a SEO Ranking Signal – Elite SEM Digital Marketing News

Hey Everyone I’m Tony and I’m Dan and we are SEO account managers based out of Elite’s New York City office and today we want to talk about HTTPS Google recently announced that it is adding HTTPS as a ranking factor for websites Dan would you like to tell us more about HTTPS? For sure,… Read More »

Tuto e-commerce – Les priorités SEO pour la nouvelle année – Market Academy par Sophie Rocco

les priorités SEO pour la nouvelle année la nouvelle année bat son plein et il est grand temps de mettre le maximum d’actions en oeuvre et faire le point sur vos campagnes il ya des actions relativement simple à mettre en place il y a deux zones à explorer tout particulièrement un la console google… Read More »

What Is SSL? And Why Do You Need It?

If you visited a website, and this warning appeared, would you continue shopping for that super-deluxe, veggie-pulverizing blender? Probably not. And you wouldn’t be the only one. 82% of your peers would also hit the close button. Consumers are demanding more protection from brands due to recent high-profile hacks and data breaches. But how do… Read More »

Безопасный SEO-переезд на HTTPS

Probably, everyone will have to move. If not this year, then the next one, so the sooner we all move, the better for us it will be in the future. Hello dear friends, we are starting an unscheduled video, which will be devoted to moving your site to the secure HTTPS protocol, and how to… Read More »

Google Search Console: What should I do with old 404 errors?

JOHN MUELLER: Today’s question comes from San Francisco. What should I do with 404s in Search Console that are from ancient versions of my site? So sites evolve over time, URLs change, you add redirect, redirects get dropped over the years. Sometimes URLs are just no longer needed. These URLs end up returning 404, so… Read More »

HTTPS and SEO: Ranking Factors (2018)

Hello friends in this video we will look into the importance of HTTPS in SEO perspective. In late 2014, Google announced that “HTTPS websites would receive a small ranking signal” which was merely 1% or even less compare to other ranking factors. Due to that, initially its importance was underestimated. But gradually, in next few… Read More »