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Retractable Patio RV Awnings | Cheap DIY Repair Sheathing Tape | Flue Guru

So I’m trying to nurse this awning along a little bit. I’d left it open one day and we had a big storm and it made a zipper all the way up the top here. So what I did was I put little crossways bits of tuck tape in on them bottom, and they’re about… Read More »

How to Secure Chimney Caps in Windy Areas | Flue Guru

So here’s one of these, basically, fairly reasonably priced chimney caps. They’re made of aluminum and they always blow away, usually the top blows off. So what we do is we put a sheet metal screw into the tab there. You can see it down below on the tab here, we put the sheet metal… Read More »

Staircase Design Ideas: Soffit Vents for Stair Railing Spindles?

Here’s an interesting idea for a railing. The frame of the railing is made of some nice cedar, and it’s actually got soffit vent in it for, for up and downers (laughter). I don’t know if that’s legal or not, but it’s sure an interesting idea. I suppose it’s legal because they are actually fairly… Read More »

Van Storage Ideas | $20 Filing Cabinet Tools Materials | Flue Guru

So here we have our masonry department. Yar. We’re going to see if we can get a full bag of masonry mortar, premix mortar in the drawer. I’m sure we will. Into our filing cabinet. File it under M. That’s right. M for mortar. Oh, even, you’ve got it marked. Yeah yeah. I did a,… Read More »