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How to insert image in Webpage using HTML in Urdu and Hindi | Technical college

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Hi I’m Anna Lytical the sickeningly entertaining and educational coding queen and apparently the only way I know how to code is by mindlessly copying and pasting. So today we’re gonna build a really quick a really fun website that is made exclusively by copying and pasting code to show you how to not mindlessly… Read More »

How to Upload HTML File to Website Using cPanel : 2020

Hey everyone welcomes back this is Bhagyashri with DomainRacer.com and In this Video Guide, we will show you how to upload an HTML file to your website. So let’s get started, before starting first we need to Add your HTML page, CSS, and other folders in a ZIP file. (you can simply Right-click the HTML… Read More »

10- Meta Tags in HTML | learn html in 2020

AOA guys today’s our lesson no 10 in which we will see what is meta tags? basically meta tags use for information about web page and their keys like when you add meta data in page in which they target to description and keywords meta tag always write in head tag meta tag basically its… Read More »