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10- Meta Tags in HTML | learn html in 2020

AOA guys today’s our lesson no 10 in which we will see what is meta tags? basically meta tags use for information about web page and their keys like when you add meta data in page in which they target to description and keywords meta tag always write in head tag meta tag basically its… Read More »

How POST Method Works in PHP? Submit & Display HTML Form Data Using PHP POST Function

Hello Friends! Welcome to Wolfmania. Today in this tutorial I’ll show you about the POST Function of PHP The built-in $_POST function is used to collect values from a form sent with the method set to “POST”. When using this method in HTML forms, the information sent from a form is not visible in the… Read More »

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how to make css transition animation in a html form

Now we need to mention some kind of animation here, so that is why we will get back to our stylesheet.css and here, in input type text we have provided the width of 100%. First of all, let it be 70%. This is the thing that I am doing over here, and on transition, width… Read More »

Web Pentesting #9 – HTML Basics – Part 2 – Link and Form

Hey Everyone, I am Vikram Salunke and welcome to the Web Application Penetration Testing and Secure Coding This is video number 9 in this series and in this video we will continue our learning in HTML and we are going to see what is a Link and Form ? in this video so, let’s get… Read More »

How to Create Registration Form in HTML – Easy Step

[Music] Hello Programmer, Myself Nawaraj Shah And in this video I gonna help you to make a simple registration form just using html code at first open your html editor I suggest you to use sublime text then create a new file and save this file on dot html extension Now I gonna write a… Read More »