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Basic HTML and CSS Website for Beginners | Web Development |Technical College

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Steps to create a web page in html

hi friends I’m back with an interesting lesson in this lesson we are going to see how to create a web page using notepad if you want to create a web page using notepad you have to follow these five steps in step one you just open the notepad program in step two write your… Read More »

HTML Crash Course for Absolute Beginners

Hello Everybody! Welcome to the HTML crash course for absolute beginners. So, here’s what we’re going to learn in this HTML course. At first, we’ll discuss what the core of web development is. Then we’ll learn the difference between HTML and HTML5. After that we will learn all main HTML tags which you see on… Read More »

Basics Of HTML – Structure of a web page, tags, and attributes

Hey, welcome back everyone to the brand new episode of “The Code Drop”. The show where you can learn to code, even if you’re a nerd. Today what we are going to continue the basics of HTML and learn more about the structure of an HTML page, HTML Elements and their Attributes. So, let’s get… Read More »

How to create a web page in HTML using Notepad

How to create a web page in HTML using notepad here in this video we are going to see the answer for this question First e need to open the notepad program for that go to start menu and click notepad option here in the Notepad We need to type our HTML program for that… Read More »

Web Pentesting #9 – HTML Basics – Part 2 – Link and Form

Hey Everyone, I am Vikram Salunke and welcome to the Web Application Penetration Testing and Secure Coding This is video number 9 in this series and in this video we will continue our learning in HTML and we are going to see what is a Link and Form ? in this video so, let’s get… Read More »

HTML Tutorial: What Is HTML? | Create Web Page Using HTML | Learn HTML in 20 Minutes | Edureka

Are you the one who is planning to step into web development and don’t know where and how to start. So here’s an introductory web development session for you guys, mainly focused on What is HTML. So Good morning, Good afternoon and good evening Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Atul and on the behalf… Read More »