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How To Write A Book In Google Docs [2020]

In this video, I’ll be sharing how to use Google Docs to format your manuscript These are the same formatting guidelines that have helped my clients to become published authors. Today you’re going to learn why aspiring writers are ditching expensive writing software and using this free alternative! And a bonus tip on how to… Read More »

12 How to write Bangla in Web Page Web 360 Web Design Bangla Video Tutorial 2020

How to get a well-formatted printout from any webpage?

Subscribe to our channel The Tuition Center and don’t forget to hit the bell icon to see series of videos first These videos will save your time and make you technically strong. Hello Friends welcome back in this video you will learn how to make webpage printer friendly When I say Printer friendly that means… Read More »

5 Fantastic Writing Tools

Steve Dotto here. Today, we’re going to help you become a better writer. Well, maybe not become a better writer but appear to be a better writer by making less mistakes, by plowing your way through writing roadblocks by hook or by crook or by using the best tools available to help you compose more… Read More »

5 Copywriting Tips For Beginners

Are you a new copywriter that’s just getting into the business, or, maybe you want to learn copywriting and you’re not so sure how to get started. Today, I’m gonna share with you five copywriting tips for beginners. So, if you are a beginner, you’re just getting started, this video is for you. Tip number… Read More »