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How To Start a Youtube Channel in 2020 and Gain 1000 Subscribers FAST!

What is up everyone? Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we are going to be talking about YouTube. Now, as I film this video, I’m currently starting at around 869 subscribers. Can you believe it? At the total, including this video, this will be my 16th video that I posted to date, and… Read More »

How To Optimize Your Youtube Channel – Youtube SEO

this is the second video of a series here on my channel called how to get started on YouTube now whether you have a business and you want to get your business started on YouTube or you want to start a personal channel on youtube this series was created just for you this video is… Read More »

vidIQ Tutorial | Step By Step Optimizing A Video With vidIQ (SEO)

All right, what’s up everybody? In this video, I’m going to teach you how to use vidIQ. I’m going to show you step by step. I’m actually going to optimize a video right now so you can see exactly how I do it. VidIQ, if you don’t know, is just a download, it’s like a… Read More »

Q&A Tuesday! (Amazon, Negotiating Business Deals, & YouTube Marketing)

welcome bosses and thanks for following and joining me today is day five actually day six day six today is day six yesterday was day five of Veda and I’m blogging Brandi if you haven’t subscribed make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss these episodes and hit that notification button because I’m publishing every… Read More »

How To Start a Youtube Channel for Beginners in 2019 and Get 1000 Subscribers FAST

A couple of weeks ago I received a ton of congratulations on my first 1000 of subscribers on Youtube! I’m now at over 1500 subscribers … And you know what? I decided to make a video today to tell you all the truth about how I’ve got the first 1000 subscribers and how this Youtube… Read More »