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How To Rank Higher In Google: (CTR) and Freshness-2019

The potion and what I’m sharing with you.How to rank higher in Google. It’s not only click-through (CTR) it’s not only freshness But to achieve the ranking boost, and rank higher in Google and to be able to stay there it’s a matter of freshness and CTR and that’s the huge takeaway from today. Intro:… Read More »

What SEO Factors Should You Focus On First?

This is John Locke from Lockedown Design. Today I want to talk to you for just a couple minutes about the things that can influence your rankings. Many business owners are interested in finding out what things go into the Google rankings because they want to know what things they can influence to make their… Read More »

How to get Google top 10 ranking – RiGSEO.COM, higher ranking in top of google search results

Hi welcome to rankingoogle.com ( Now www.rigseo.com ) rigseo.com and it is our website RiG SEO is a brand name, www.rigseo.com Now we have obtained many top 10 ranking in Google say if you search in Google “Google top 10 ranking guaranteed” You will get our website in the top position If you search GOOGLE… Read More »

Ask Yoast: Yoast SEO premium features explained

Alexa emailed us saying, “My audience are travel bloggers and I think they all use the free version of Yoast SEO. “I don’t think they would pay for Premium unless they really understood the value. Can you share the main differences of the free vs. the paid version?” Well, there’s nothing I like more than… Read More »

Ask Yoast: having a privacy page and SEO

Derek Little emailed us asking “I’ve heard that having (or not having ) a privacy page is or was a big factor in SEO, and important to Google. Is this still the case?” Well, as far as I know, this was only ever a factor for the AdWords quality score, not for SEO itself. So,… Read More »

How to Rank Higher on Google in 2019 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

There’s nothing more frustrating than ranking on the first page of Google, yet getting little to no traffic. But the thing is…there’s always a reason. And the solution in most cases is to rank higher on Google. So today, I’m going to show you how to rank higher on Google and get more #1 rankings… Read More »